“We must remember to agVOCATE and not to become an agTIVIST, there is a huge difference between these two.”

Sarah Schultz, Nurse and Mommy Blogger

“For the first time in the history of plant breeding, the tools of genetic engineering allow us to understand what it is that we’re doing.”

Dr. Peter Diamandis

“All this arguing about what’s genetically modified is, is a big distraction from the really important goals. We need to produce safe and nutritious food that consumers can afford and farmers can make a profit from.”

Dr. Pamela Ronald

“The biggest threat to agriculture today is not the weather or prices, it’s the anti science, “green” movement.”

Mike Pasztor

“I can think of no other sector that I would rather be telling, then the story of modern agriculture.”

Nick Saik

“Vegan GMO promotes scientific literacy and evidence-based assessments of issues surrounding genetic modification and the most humanitarian, animal-friendly and least environmentally harmful agriculture practices.”

Jayson Merkley, Campaign Co-Founder, Vegan GMO